Hotel Saltos del Paine, located in the city of Puerto Natales, in the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica (Region XII), born as an idea in 1994 and development culminating in 1998 (October), and since then and always run by the family group, owner and creator of the company year after year has been designing, specifying new ideas, to become what we are today.

How did the idea?

Take a walk to do, a day at the May 21 until the Serrano glacier Balmaceda, where we find people from around the world who think like us, with whom we share opinions, ideas and enormous satisfaction of being able to sit at a table , without knowing and without question, even if we have the same religion, idea, cults, etc.

There were Japanese, Americans, Spaniards, Germans and Chileans, and the result is tourism if we must devote to this, we can achieve high levels of development in every way, we make friends.

And that started it all, and we have never regretted.


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